The Big Question - For Real Wedding Films
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Beyond the wedding

The Big Question

It’s one thing to get married, but how do you stay married…happily?

This is a question that we have been working hard to answer for ourselves since before we tied the knot.  We’ve come to believe that nearly everything in our lives from jobs to children to health are benefitted by the time and heart we give to our relationship as husband and wife.


Through the years we feel like our Father has given us a joy in sharing with other couples the wisdom we’ve picked up about marriage.  We most enjoy doing this around our table with other fellow married and engaged folks, but we decided to also share some insights on a blog.  Since we started the blog many years ago, our family has also grown and made keeping up with the blog hard to do.  Still, we hope the old posts may hold some nuggets for how to make and keep your marriage growing.


We’re all on a journey in marriage and we hope that some of what we’ve learned can help you along the way to finding a meaning, fulfilling married life together.


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