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Photographers, Couple, Servants

Photographers, Couple, Servants

So, the other day we mentioned in the blog about the 5 Love Languages.  So, this past Saturday evening, at Dan & Lauren’s
wedding, I saw this in a very humble and honoring way.

I’ve seen it before, but again it reminded me of their
John & Stephanie Uptmor.
Two amazing photographers.
A darling couple.
Two people with hearts the size of Texas. 
Throughout the night, while the two of them
are doing what they do, taking pictures, hustling, arranging people, sweating
in the heat,  they are always serving others.  
I saw this
as we had taken a little dinner break, and all of us vendors were sitting there
eating.  A couple of the guys were talking about frustrations with their daytime jobs.  John, having worked in the same field, proceeded to tell them about some good job openings and how to get an in with the company.  I mean, he didn’t have to do that,
didn’t have to care….but he does.  This is just, it seems to me,
John’s normal.  It’s really honorable and honoring.
I was also the receipent of such kindness as I asked
Stephanie if she had an aspirin for my raging headache that night.  John became
my hero as he quickly got up and bought me some.  
I mean…really?!
He didn’t have to, but he just did.  He probably
would have rather rested his feet for a bit, but he didn’t.  He
On top of it all, Stephanie and John are also always building up others with
their words.  It’s genuine.  That’s just who they
Truly thankful for these two and the kindness that exudes
from them!  
Get to know them more and see their work at Imagine It Photography!

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