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Makin' it Real

Pesos & Dinero

If you want a high-production, high-quality video that captures the details and emotions of your special day, then choose For Real Wedding Films. Otherwise, just press record on your phone.
-Michael, groom

Can’t Uncle Joe just film it?

Yes, he could. You could also ask me to paint a portrait. It would be all right, but you’d hardly want to keep it around, let alone show it to others. You need a real artist who knows how to make it look good and feel right. That’s what we do. Hiring us is like inviting two artists with cameras as paintbrushes to your wedding. We want to create something that, when you watch it 20 years later, will make you feel the power and joy of that all-important day.

Makes me want to get married all over again and hire him! –Megan, Facebook comment

Do I even NEED a wedding video?

Videos capture something real as it is actually happening. Good photography is essential, but a film takes you back and reaches out to your feelings in a unique way. After decades of marriage, imagine being able to see again, with artistic editing and music, how you moved, how you walked, how you looked into each other’s eyes, how you laughed, and even how your feelings came out in every move on that day-of-days. That’s what a good wedding film does.

We are real people and understand that you are working with a budget. Our packages are designed to give you options to meet your needs. Start with The Moment Film Package and go from there.

The two of us will bring our artistic eyes to catch all the details at the best angles by doing whatever crazy things it takes to get them! COVERAGE
We start by being there for you for two hours. That includes your ceremony and the chance for us to capture details of your venue and guests.
We’d love to stick around for more, so check the special features! HIGHLIGHT FILM
No need to watch in fast-forward. We will lovingly take the beautiful moments of your ceremony and create a 3-5 minute video portrait for you to cherish and share.
Why is it so short? *
We believe that music evokes feelings like nothing else. All our films include custom-selected songs to convey the heart of your day. Our music choices are guided, not by glitz, but by authenticity and heart. MEDIA
The film of your day will be given to you on a printed DVD and published online. Nothing inspires love like sharing your big day! WHAT’S THE DIFF?
In our times with you and in the film we craft of your day our goal is to be “for real.” We love people, we love marriage, and we love good art. We strive to be personable and fun and create a product that feels the same way.

*Why is it so short should link to “The big question” page


Add one more hour of coverage to capture those tender and fun moments of the two of you and the bridal party getting ready for the Moment.
A full 6 hours of filming and a longer 6-7 minute video that includes The Moment, The Prep, and your reception.

Let’s spend the day together! We catch everything and add in the salon and the photo shoot where we get some of the best, cute shots of you and your bridal party having fun! Plus, this is the longest film we offer: 8-10 minutes.

Get your whole ceremony uncut from beginning to end.

Capture on film the tale that brought you together so you can share it at your reception and for generations to come.

Great as a gift or for yourselves. Document on film the story that brought your parents together by having them do a short interview.