Lakewood Country Club of Taylor and Jared - For Real Wedding Films
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Lakewood Country Club of Taylor and Jared

Lakewood Country Club of Taylor and Jared

Kurt had the privilege of having Jared as a high school student many years ago, and we both had the honor of seeing this young man of character marry the woman of his dreams.  The maturity and depth of these two was on evidence at the particularly meaningful wedding ceremony they planned.  To begin with  they started off the ceremony with Jared, his brother, his mom taking a moment to light a candle in honor of and in memory of his late father.  Then the ceremony was bathed in prayer, heart provoking worship, and constant reminders of the One in whom they place their faith.  Most beautiful of all was the beauty of the tears they shed for one another.  Jared truly melted when his bride came down the aisle.  After the ceremony we headed to Cleveland Metroparks for some photo and video shoots in the utterly vibrant autumn leaves.  Then we headed to the Lakewood Country Club where the night was serenaded by The Sunrise Jones band.  They were simply a blast!  The band members were a ton of fun and they played songs as if straight from the originals and sometimes even better!  We were also delighted to find all three formal dances, Taylor and Jared’s first dance, the father daughter dance, and the mother son dance, all choreographed!  The evening ended with a bang as the guests cheered the new couple on their way out with more sparklers than I’ve ever seen in one place!  May you be richly blessed, Taylor and Jared!

Taylor & Jared’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Here are some of the delightful venders we had the honor to work with:

Photography: Studio Elle Photography

Band: The Sunrise Jones

Ceremony: Providence Church

Venue: The Lakewood Country Club


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