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Jon & Sarah // Chardon

Jon & Sarah // Chardon

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

Sarah and Jon’s wedding day was, honestly, an inspiration. The two of them and their family and friends gathered together to make their wedding happen at the Wyatt home despite having had to change all their original plans. There were such heartfelt, meaningful words and honor given to each other, their family, and God, and there was also wholehearted joy and unabashed fun. On top of all of this the location was stunning. The setting sun and a visit to a nearby farm were far and above our expectations. This was also our first time partnering with Elliot Spaudie of Birds That Fly drone service and we love his work! Many blessings to you both, Jon & Sarah!

*special thank you to Nicolle James for the thumbnail portrait!

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We also enjoyed working with a great DJ, Micah Imeli!

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