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Blueberry Pickin’!

A little Instagram clip of our family adventure to pick blueberries! Blueberry Pickin' from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo. Here's the link to Martin's Blueberries, where we go. ...

A Wedding on Good Friday?

A Hand reached from the other side, into the void that is our life. No more will you be a boat tossed about by angry waves determined to crush this already splintering piece of bark. Waves once cowered at this Voice And they shall once more, for the voice is no longer just...

Find money in your backyard!

Money!   What a stress it can be right?   Especially when it comes to a wedding!   Kurt and I get married young, right out of college, so being dirt poor, our parents took pity and amazingly paid for our entire wedding!      With 5 lovely girls of our own now, people already comment to...