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Patterson Farm Wedding of Danielle and Rob

Dazzling autumn beauty are the three words to describe Danielle and Rob’s wedding day.  After a tearful first look for Danielle’s dad at the hotel, we were off to St. Paschal Baylon church in Highland Heights.  The pews in the church faced a full-glass wall with a stunning cross and lovely trees.  Our favorite moment of the ceremony was the emotion of both Danielle and Rob as Danielle and her dad came down the aisle.  Rob’s tears and gentle smile were a delight to see.  Accompanied by beautiful worship and a lovely ceremony, Rob and Danielle became Mr. and Mrs. Strickland.  Then we headed to the festive Patterson’s Fruit Farm where we were able to get some of the most stunning nature shots of our wedding season!  Tall grasses, rows of apple trees, and autumn colors were in abundance as the couple and the wedding party took turns posing and moving for us happy photographers and videographers!  We also want to say we had so much fun meeting and working alongside the talented husband and wife duo from Suzaran Photography!  The reception started off with a series of three choreographed dances, first with Danielle and Rob, then for Danielle and her dad, and finally one seriously peppy jitterbug for Rob and his mom.  A sweet surprise was when Rob’s uncle read from a long lost family diary and then gave it to Rob.  The most stunning moment of all came when we were able to film the couple in silhouette backed by one of the most gorgeous wedding day sunsets we had the chance to see this fall.  Great blessings to you both, Danielle and Rob!

Danielle & Rob’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Here are some of the wonderful vendors we had the joy of working with:

Photography: Suzuran Photography

Ceremony: St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Church

Venue: Orchard Hills Center at Patterson Fruit Farm

Lakewood Country Club of Taylor and Jared

Kurt had the privilege of having Jared as a high school student many years ago, and we both had the honor of seeing this young man of character marry the woman of his dreams.  The maturity and depth of these two was on evidence at the particularly meaningful wedding ceremony they planned.  To begin with  they started off the ceremony with Jared, his brother, his mom taking a moment to light a candle in honor of and in memory of his late father.  Then the ceremony was bathed in prayer, heart provoking worship, and constant reminders of the One in whom they place their faith.  Most beautiful of all was the beauty of the tears they shed for one another.  Jared truly melted when his bride came down the aisle.  After the ceremony we headed to Cleveland Metroparks for some photo and video shoots in the utterly vibrant autumn leaves.  Then we headed to the Lakewood Country Club where the night was serenaded by The Sunrise Jones band.  They were simply a blast!  The band members were a ton of fun and they played songs as if straight from the originals and sometimes even better!  We were also delighted to find all three formal dances, Taylor and Jared’s first dance, the father daughter dance, and the mother son dance, all choreographed!  The evening ended with a bang as the guests cheered the new couple on their way out with more sparklers than I’ve ever seen in one place!  May you be richly blessed, Taylor and Jared!

Taylor & Jared’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Here are some of the delightful venders we had the honor to work with:

Photography: Studio Elle Photography

Band: The Sunrise Jones

Ceremony: Providence Church

Venue: The Lakewood Country Club


Irongate Equestrian Center wedding of David & Katherine

It was a joy to share in Katherine and David’s wedding day.  Katherine was once one of Kurt’s students and we have also been so kindly loved by her and her family over many years.  Their family is a wellspring of love for people and love for a Heavenly Father that radiates far beyond the walls of their home.  Our day began at the Konstan home where, surrounded by all her sweet bridesmaids, Katherine got ready.  From there we traveled to the stunning and rustic Irongate Equestrian Center.  Formerly used as a horse show auditorium, the space has been converted for weddings.  The fun part is that there are still many horses stabled elsewhere in the building.  One of our favorite moments happened when Katherine’s dad Rob got to see her in her dress for the first time.  So many tears were shed.  Then it was David’s turn.  On a gravel road nestled amongst trees and horses grazing in pasture, Katherine walked up behind David and he turned to see his stunning bride.  She shared a note with him and then he…gave her a book, a notebook in which he had written her a note every single day while he was miles away in Texas.  Katherine broke down.  The love they shared was palpable to all around.

And the day had just begun!  From there they shared their vows before their guests and their Lord underneath the shade of the trees with sun shining from a gorgeous September sky.  After fun photo and video shoots on the grounds we headed into the Equestrian Center for the fun!  The fun included homemade Greek pastries, Greek dancing, great food, and laughter.  Finally, Katherine and David left in a tunnel of sparklers and off they went to their new life together.  Blessings to both of you, Katherine and David!

Katherine & David’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Below are some of the great vendors we had the privilege to work with:

Venue: Irongate Equestrian Center

Photography: Leigh Elizabeth Photography

Glenmoor Country Club Wedding of Tanina & Cory

What a stunning day greeted us for Tanina and Cory’s wedding.  That combined with Tanina’s graciousness and Cory’s humor made for a wonderful day.  We started out at Koi Salon in Canton and had the chance to meet Tanina’s fun and sweet bridesmaids and sisters.  From there we headed to Tanina’s aunt and uncle’s lovely home at the Glenmoor Country Club where the ceremony was in their panoramic backyard which overlooks the rolling hills of the golf course.  We had a ball working with Cory and Tanina getting some stunning shots of them and their bridal party.  Our favorite time was shooting film at an enormous willow tree.  That’s also where we suggested that Cory try dipping Tanina.  Our good friend John Uptmor of Imagine It Photography hilariously and accurately demonstrated the technique by demonstrating with my wife Beth!  And, by golly, Cory got it!  Look for that great dip later in the wedding film.  We ended the day at La Pizzeria where we enjoyed celebrating the newly married couple!  Blessings on both of you, Tanina and Cory!

Tanina & Cory’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Produced by Kurt and Beth at For Real Wedding Films

Photography and the great thumbnail photo above: Our amazing friends at Imagine It Photography
Salon: Koi Salon, Canton, Ohio
Ceremony site: Glenmoor Country Club
Venue: La Pizzeria
Music provided by The Music Bed and Song Freedom

Barrington Golf Club wedding of Camden & Mark

When we met Camden and Mark we knew we would have fun with them on their wedding day.  They are such a fun, sweet couple and their wedding party was the same.  At the lovely Barrington Golf Club in Aurora, Ohio, we met all of Camden’s bridesmaids.  They were a riot!  Fun, beautiful, and full of energy, they made all the getting-ready time a blast.  Our favorite early moment was filming Camden coming out in her wedding dress for her bridesmaids to see for the first time.  The looks on their faces were priceless!  On an interesting note, the lovely bridesmaids’ dresses were picked out by Mark!

Camden, while being a vivacious and fun person, also showed such sweet emotions as she read a note Mark had written for her.  After some fun wedding party shots we were off to a stunning location for the ceremony.  The wooden, white chairs all faced an idyllic setting, a sunlit lake under a blue sky.  The ceremony began with a solo of Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” accompanied by a violin and cello.  I have a serious Elvis addiction, so this was just incredible.  Later, Mark and Camden held a sand ceremony where they had bottles of earth from the various places they had lived and poured them together into one bottle, all the while, being serenaded by two of their bridesmaids who sang a duet of “Oceans.”

The reception, after dinner, was also outdoors on a wonderful evening.  Our favorite shots of the whole day were at sunset.  We don’t often get the chance to get a couple outside when the light is so perfect, but this time it worked!  The soft light reflected off the lake onto them as we captured some romantic moments of Camden and Mark together away from the excitement for a few minutes.  It was so much fun and they were so much fun to work with.  We wish you great blessings on an incredible marriage, Camden and Mark!

Camden and Mark’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.


Here are some of the great vendors we got to work with:

Photography and the great thumbnail photo above: Leigh Elizabeth Photography

Venue: Barrington Golf Club

Cake: Tiffany’s Bakery

DJ: Scott Simmons with DJ Express

Elyria Country Club Wedding of Andrea and Josh

Andrea and Josh’s wedding day was gorgeous; the weather, the Elyria Country Club, and most importantly-the couple, all were gorgeous.  Everything from getting ready to the reception all happened in one place so we didn’t need to travel around.  It gave a very relaxed, fun feel to the entire day and left plenty of time to “play” with various camera angles and settings.  We also had the fun of working with some of our favorite folks: Stephanie and John from Imagine It Photography and wedding coordinator Rose Rau from Ring Around Rosie Events.
Our favorite part of the day, though, was their first look.  We all headed out with Josh on golf carts to find a beautiful spot overlooking a pond.  A short while later, Andrea arrived and we had the fun of capturing Josh’s first glimpse of his bride in her splendid dress.
It was really unique to have some of Andrea’s heritage involved in the wedding including a Mexican lasso draped around the bride and groom and a tradition where Josh placed symbolic coins in Andrea’s hands.  It was also fun to have Pastor David Buegler, an old friend and colleague, conduct the ceremony.  He was even able to keep the audience in good spirits after an unexpected falling flower vase crashed in the front row!
The rest of the day included photos, video, and the reception.  One humorous occasion included the guests goading Josh into crawling over to Andrea before getting her garter!  All in all, though, the enjoyment the two had in each other was beautiful and palpable to all those around.  It was an honor to capture and enjoy their day.

Andrea and Josh’s Wedding film! from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Make-up & Hair-Kate Byrnes from Tomorrows, A Hair Salon & Rocio from Fina Bella Salon
Wedding Coordinator-Always amazing Rose Rau of Ring Around Rosie
Florist-Off Broadway