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The Club at Hillbrook Wedding of Kristen & Mike

Kristen and Mike are such a fun couple!  Being with them at one of our favorite venues, The Club at Hillbrook, made for such a sweet, fun day.  We met up with the bridesmaids and Kristen in the gorgeous and spacious parlor room where sweet friends and family gathered to do makeup and hair and enjoy being together.  You could tell they just adored Kristen.  When her hair was finished or her dress was put on for the first it was met by spontaneous awws, admiration, and tears by the bridesmaids.  This is how it is meant to be!

We headed outside to the spacious wooded grounds for Mike’s first look.  A fun surprise happened shortly after.  Mike surprised Kristen by hiring artist Jacqueline DelBrocco to do a live event painting of the evening!  He led her up to the reception area to find Jacqui with her canvas set up and a fun sign for them.

After some more photos and video we headed to the ceremony in a stately outdoor space.  Kristen entered through wrought iron gates and Mike beamed.  From there they enjoyed time visiting their guests for a cocktail hour on the stone-floored open air patio as the extremely talented Jacqueline DelBrocco captured the sight on her artist’s canvas.

Reception time soon came, but this was no ordinary reception!  It included Mitchell’s Ice Cream (the best ice cream in Cleveland, in our humble opinion!) and a visit by a taco food truck!  Finally, the night wrapped up with a sparkler exit out the front door.

Many, many fun blessings your way, Kristen and Mike!

Kristen and Mike’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Some of the vendors we had the privilege of working with:
Photography: Amilia James
Live Event Painting: Jacqueline DelBrocco
Venue: The Club at Hillbrook

Ice Cream: Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Taco Truck: Barrio


The Music Box Wedding of Adam & Rachel

This was a fun couple and a fun wedding!  How can fun be avoided when the bride is a fan of Barbies!  🙂  We started out the day at the Cleveland Marriott being sent to the wrong room by the hotel staff which was quite funny!  We introduced ourselves to the whole wedding party before realizing…this was a different wedding!  Off we trotted to find Rachel and her bridesmaids!  Thankfully, we found them and had a wonderful time.  The emotions between Rachel and her sister were so tender.  After getting ready Rachel had a first look with both of her parents.  This was a first for us to see both dad and mom together seeing their daughter in her white dress for the first time.

The bridal party then hopped on the Cleveland icon Lolly the Trolley (which incidentally Beth and I used for our wedding too in 1998!) over to The Music Box Supper Club where Adam had his first look at his new bride outside the club overlooking the bustling Cuyahoga River.  It was a gorgeous day as we captured photos and video of the couple around the west bank of the Flats.

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of Adam and Rachel’s backgrounds with a Christian minister guiding the first half of the ceremony and a Jewish rabbi leading the other half under a chuppah.  Then it was time to head upstairs for the reception.  One wall of the reception was entirely made of glass overlooking the Cuyahoga River with views of the fun east bank of the Flats.  A very sweet moment was that instead of having a wedding cake, Rachel and Adam surprised her 93 year old grandfather with a birthday cake.  Grandma, accompanied by her walker, jubilantly even cut a rug later!  Flanked of course by a Barbie couple in a Barbie Corvette on the stage, Rachel and Adam danced, laughed, and Hava Nagila-ed the night away!

Many rich blessings to you and on your marriage, Adam and Rachel!

Rachel and Adam Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.


Some of the vendors we had the privilege of working with:
Photography: Making the Moment
Venue: The Music Box Supper Club
Transportation: Lolly the Trolley 

Gish Barn Wedding of Lauren & Sean

No matter how delightful a wedding we film, we are pooped at the end of the night, but leaving Lauren and Sean’s wedding we had a smile on our faces.  Not only were they just a hoot to be around, but it was deeply encouraging to see a  young couple make sacrifices to buck cultural norms and pursue each other with passion, fun, and integrity.  We spent their wedding day at the picturesque 1830’s vintage Gish Barn.  This great venue is run by our friends Nathan and Amanda Roth who are a pleasure to know and work with.  Lauren and her bridesmaids got ready on the barn’s first floor surrounded by wooden beams that pre-date the Civil War.  Beth and I had so much fun getting silhouettes of Lauren through the old barn doors!  When it came time for her dad to have his first look at his daughter in her wedding dress, he entered through an old sliding door.  The emotion between the two as well as her mother was precious.  Before the ceremony, Lauren was surrounded by her bridesmaids as they prayed over her and her marriage to Sean.

So up we went to the main floor of the barn where the ceremony took place.  Two moments stood out to me.  The first when was when Lauren took in a breath as Sean recited his vows.  She seemed to be trying to contain her heart in the sudden reality of this immense moment.  The second was during a time of prayer when Sean, who was holding Lauren’s hands in his, brought them up to his lips, and gently kissed them.

The reception rounded out the day as everyone celebrated, including a surprise for Lauren’s mom: they danced to “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease just as they did when Lauren was young!

As an added blessing, Lauren and Sean did something that has never happened to us-they invited both of us and our kids to their house to have the first viewing of their wedding film alongside family!  Their hospitality and faith-filled hearts made us feel so welcome.  Thank you, Lauren and Sean!  May you be blessed with rivers of delight in your marriage!

Some of the vendors we had the privilege of working with:
Photography: Olivia Strohm & Talia Hodge
Venue: The Gish Barn
DJ: His ‘N’ Hers Wedding and Party Service 

Old Courthouse Wedding of Lauren & Corey

Talk about stunning from one end of the day to the other.  Lauren and Corey’s day began at the 1890 Arcade in downtown Cleveland.  After meeting Lauren’s sweet and fun bridal party we headed down to one of the gorgeous stairways for their first look.  The wonder in Corey’s face was evident when seeing his bride for the first time.  From there we headed towards the Lake to get some beautiful shots with Lake Erie and the skyline of Cleveland in the background.  Then it was time to go to the historic Cleveland Courthouse.  What a pristine structure!  Lauren walked down the aisle in the rotunda to her lovestruck groom, aided by heartfelt worship music performed by our friends and church worship leaders Chris and Bethany Solyntjes.  Some of our favorite moments included getting a shot from one of the high balconies and also being able to get behind Lauren and Corey to catch those sweet moments of prayer and laughter.  Finally, the entire rotunda was switched around for the elegant reception rocked by none other than The Sunrise Jones band!  These guys know how to get a party going!  Most of all, we loved seeing Lauren and Corey, with worshipful and loving hearts, start their married lives together in such a beautiful way.

Lauren & Cory’s wedding film! from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Produced by Kurt and Beth at For Real Wedding Films

Still photo above courtesy of Michaelangelo’s Photography

Some of the vendors we had the privilege of working with:
Photography: Michaelangelo’s Photography http://www.michaelangelosphotography.com
Venue: Old Cleveland Courthouse http://publicworks.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/Courthouse-Rental.aspx
Live Reception Band: The Sunrise Jones http://www.thesunrisejones.com
Music provided by Chris and Bethany Solyntjes www.chrisandbethanymusic.com The Music Bed www.musicbed.com

Fairlawn wedding of Andrea & Nic

The first look.  Not everyone does them, but we love every first look that we film!  Andrea & Nic’s was no exception.  I think it’s the emotions that come forth more freely than maybe a more public setting.  With Andrea wiping away a tear and Nic’s adoring eyes fixed on his bride, it was a sweet moment to share.  From there we went to the ceremony held right at the Hilton.  It was a stunningly decorated and lit.  After Andrea and Nic made their vows we headed out to the Akron Zoo where, despite the serious heat, we had a great time posing the couple and bridal party alongside their wonderful photographers, Nathan and Amanda Ross.  It was there that we saw their love of Pokemon arise again as they worked to catch some Pokemon right there at the zoo!  We returned to the Hilton to celebrate at their reception.  While all of the toasts were great, Nic’s brother gave a particularly touching and emotional toast to the bride and groom.  The rest of the night was full of lots of laughter and dancing.  Blessings on both of you, Andrea and Nic!  Here’s to many years of joyful marriage!

Andrea & Nic’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Some of the delightful vendors we had the honor to work with:

Preview photo courtesy of Nathan and Amanda Photography

Photographers: Nathan and Amanda Photography

Photo site: The Akron Zoo

Patterson Farm Wedding of Danielle and Rob

Dazzling autumn beauty are the three words to describe Danielle and Rob’s wedding day.  After a tearful first look for Danielle’s dad at the hotel, we were off to St. Paschal Baylon church in Highland Heights.  The pews in the church faced a full-glass wall with a stunning cross and lovely trees.  Our favorite moment of the ceremony was the emotion of both Danielle and Rob as Danielle and her dad came down the aisle.  Rob’s tears and gentle smile were a delight to see.  Accompanied by beautiful worship and a lovely ceremony, Rob and Danielle became Mr. and Mrs. Strickland.  Then we headed to the festive Patterson’s Fruit Farm where we were able to get some of the most stunning nature shots of our wedding season!  Tall grasses, rows of apple trees, and autumn colors were in abundance as the couple and the wedding party took turns posing and moving for us happy photographers and videographers!  We also want to say we had so much fun meeting and working alongside the talented husband and wife duo from Suzaran Photography!  The reception started off with a series of three choreographed dances, first with Danielle and Rob, then for Danielle and her dad, and finally one seriously peppy jitterbug for Rob and his mom.  A sweet surprise was when Rob’s uncle read from a long lost family diary and then gave it to Rob.  The most stunning moment of all came when we were able to film the couple in silhouette backed by one of the most gorgeous wedding day sunsets we had the chance to see this fall.  Great blessings to you both, Danielle and Rob!

Danielle & Rob’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Here are some of the wonderful vendors we had the joy of working with:

Photography: Suzuran Photography

Ceremony: St. Paschal Baylon Catholic Church

Venue: Orchard Hills Center at Patterson Fruit Farm

Lakewood Country Club of Taylor and Jared

Kurt had the privilege of having Jared as a high school student many years ago, and we both had the honor of seeing this young man of character marry the woman of his dreams.  The maturity and depth of these two was on evidence at the particularly meaningful wedding ceremony they planned.  To begin with  they started off the ceremony with Jared, his brother, his mom taking a moment to light a candle in honor of and in memory of his late father.  Then the ceremony was bathed in prayer, heart provoking worship, and constant reminders of the One in whom they place their faith.  Most beautiful of all was the beauty of the tears they shed for one another.  Jared truly melted when his bride came down the aisle.  After the ceremony we headed to Cleveland Metroparks for some photo and video shoots in the utterly vibrant autumn leaves.  Then we headed to the Lakewood Country Club where the night was serenaded by The Sunrise Jones band.  They were simply a blast!  The band members were a ton of fun and they played songs as if straight from the originals and sometimes even better!  We were also delighted to find all three formal dances, Taylor and Jared’s first dance, the father daughter dance, and the mother son dance, all choreographed!  The evening ended with a bang as the guests cheered the new couple on their way out with more sparklers than I’ve ever seen in one place!  May you be richly blessed, Taylor and Jared!

Taylor & Jared’s Wedding Film from For Real Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Here are some of the delightful venders we had the honor to work with:

Photography: Studio Elle Photography

Band: The Sunrise Jones

Ceremony: Providence Church

Venue: The Lakewood Country Club